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Friday, August 2, 2013

Remastersys / System Imager source code availability and license changes

It has come to my attention that Fragadelic has started charging $50.00 USD for the source code for Remastersys.  With all due respect to Tony, we completely disagree with that decision.  Since he doesnt develop Remastersys anymore and hasnt put up his promised updates well, its time for us to act.  As of Saturday, August 3rd 2013 at 2:00 am.  The PC OpenSystems team has released the source code for his last update, Remastersys 3.0.4-2 and hereby license that source code and the source code for System Imager 1.0 under the GNU GPLv2 source license.  All recipients of the Remastersys and System Imager source code are granted all rights and privileges as any other GNU GPLv2 source code, including the rights to modify and redistribute that code.

We do hope Fragadelic does join us and releases the source code for the GUI wrapper although we are not expecting him too.  Nonetheless a new GUI is being developed with System Imager

You can download the source code here

Friday, July 19, 2013

System Imager 1.0 released for OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.3 and status

Ok, so I finished System Imager 1.0 and I released it with OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.3.   Its a great piece of work and we have made it so you dont have to worry about what kernel you are running, as long as you have the squashfs modules built it will boot your image.   We have tested it on Ubuntu 13.04 and we have had preliminary success.  We are comfortable now after our Enterprise customers have tested it to say its ready for public consumption.

I have had some people ask me,  "How come you released it in OS/4 Enterprise, but you havent released it for Ubuntu or Red Hat."  First, we did it for Enterprise because we integrated it with our release of Webmin, so users can create images of their servers and install across multiple servers and we integrated it into our proprietary Disk utility.  Second, NO ONE contributed code, ideas or cash.  We got a lot of feature requests and those will be worked on when time permits.  We are releasing the Disk Utility integrated with OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 and we will work on the others when time permits.  When we get done with our SPARC port of OS/4 Enterprise Linux we will work on System Imager for Ubuntu and Red Hat.  But, when I have to fund development myself, and work on it myself then sorry guys, it goes into my own product first.  We are committed to doing a build for Ubuntu and Debian and Red Hat, which wont be integrated into those three it will be more like the approach  Remastersys took.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Status of Fork

Unfortunately, not a whole lot to report here.  I am waiting for Fragadelic to release the source code to me.  Some of the changes we plan to make, a clear concise open source strategy, all the sources for the GUI and the program itself will be posted on and will be released under the GNU GPLv2 just like the Linux kernel.

More plans to come soon and we are all very excited.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Questions regarding System Imager

Here we are going to answer some of the most recently asked questions regarding our fork of Remastersys. 

1.  Will this be a paid product or remain a free product?
 A) It will remain free, we will be providing this as part of the OS4 Linux  default install as well.

2.  When will System Imager 1.0 be released?
A) As soon as we get the sources from fragadelic, we will begin work on the first release.  We are hoping to have something solid by mid-June.  Until then we will provide the Remastersys binaries from fragadelic.

3.  Can we use this to keep making distributions?
A) Yes and we do anticipate help from distributions that will use System Imager

4.  How integrated will this be to OS4?
A) very integrated and we intend to market this for customers as well

Remastersys 3.0.4-2 for Ubuntu posted

We went ahead and uploaded the binaries for Remastersys 3.0.4-2 in the Sourceforge repositories.  As soon as I get the Debian versions they will be posted to.  These are posted as a convenience to those of you that need it now.  Fragadelic and Geekconnection are NOT supporting remastersys anymore, any questions or comments direct them towards the OS4 Team.  As soon as System Imager 1.0 is released these binaries will be coming down.  You can download them here.

Taking over development of Remastersys

We will be forking and continuing Remastersys.  First, I want to thank Tony for all of his hard work on Remastersys and we want to thank him for allowing us to continue development of Remastersys known henceforth as System Imager.  We are accepting help from people in the community who want to help us make System Imager as great as Remastersys was.  If you would like to help drop me an e-mail at rjdohnert_at_gmail_dot_com