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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Black Lab Imager 1.1 Source Code available today

Today we are releasing the source code for Black Lab Imager, a utility for creating a backup of your system in a redistributable ISO or backup copy for your own use.  As you guys recall we have forked this over from Remastersys.

Now, we lack a GUI because Fragadelic did not give us the source code as promised so for right now its command line only.  We havent debanized the project files yet because we are still in the process of testing and building but we believe we have reached a level of stability that we are confident in its performance.

Why are we releasing the source code only?  We are still testing this release on 14.04 although users can contact us and let us know what works, what doesnt, and any fixes they may have in mind

How do I install this?  Right now because its not debainized, copy the blacklabimager folder and blacklabimager.conf file over to /etc/ and copy the blacklabimager and blacklabimager-skelcopy scripts over to /opt/  also make sure you run the dependencies script to download and install all your dependencies.

Where is the GUI?  When Fragadelic left he did not give me the source code for the GUI, so we will be making one ourselves outside of our webmin plugin.

What systems has this been tested with?  Black Lab Linux 4.x, Ubuntu 12.x, Ubuntu 13.x partially tested on Ubuntu 14.x.  What do we mean by partially?  We have rebuilt Xubuntu 14.04 and not pure Ubuntu

You guys can download the source code from sourceforge


For some reason Sourceforge keeps saying its pending, so we have uploaded the file to an alternate download section