Black Lab Imager Creator

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Black Lab Image Creator 1.5 Released

We have finished work on Black Lab Image Creator and we have wrapped up support for another Ubuntu variant.  This release supports Ubuntu 14.04 and Ubuntu 14.10 along with the following variants:

Kubuntu 14.04

We have not tested with Lubuntu.  This release is available now and we have made the following fixes.

1.  did a massive code cleanup from the remastersys source code so alot of the legacy remastersys stuff has been cleaned.

2.  Your backup remasters can be installed via TimeShift system restore facility as well as a LiveCD or LiveUSB

3.  Backup Remasters can be installed via Clonezilla, if you are creating your own distribution you must install via USB or LiveDVD

4.  Distribution Remaster partitions can be in XFS or EXT4, we are still working on BTRFS.  If you are doing a backup remaster you can use BTRFS

5.  Cleaned up the man file

6.  Black Lab Image Creator is still supporting 32 bit.  Even though we dropped 32bit support in Black Lab Linux,, we are still supporting 32 bit with this tool

Known issues:

1. MIR technical preview ISO's cannot be remastered.  We are working on this and hopefully will be getting some feedback from Canonical on what we need to work on.

2.  Distribution Remasters cannot be accomplished on a BTRFS filesystem.  We are still working on this issue.

3.  12.04 is no longer supported because of the changes that were brought forth by 14.04 and 14.10.  If you need 12.04 support contact us at and we can get you a working copy of 12.04 supported Black Lab Image Creator.

4.  Secure Boot is not supported as of yet, we are working on this for 1.6, which will work with Ubuntu 15.04

What we are working on

1.  ARM support Projected Delivery June 2015
2.  POWER support Projected Delivery April or May 2015
3.  GUI Interface

If you ordered a subscription of Black Lab Image Creator we will be shipping your copy to you via your PayPal e-mail address.

If you need a copy of Black Lab Image Creator 1.5 you can make a donation of $50.00 USD via PayPal and we will send you an installable binary .deb file as well as the full source code for Black Lab Image Creator and you get all further updates for FREE.  Please note in your PayPal Donation that you wish to receive Black Lab Image Creator.