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Friday, August 2, 2013

Remastersys / System Imager source code availability and license changes

It has come to my attention that Fragadelic has started charging $50.00 USD for the source code for Remastersys.  With all due respect to Tony, we completely disagree with that decision.  Since he doesnt develop Remastersys anymore and hasnt put up his promised updates well, its time for us to act.  As of Saturday, August 3rd 2013 at 2:00 am.  The PC OpenSystems team has released the source code for his last update, Remastersys 3.0.4-2 and hereby license that source code and the source code for System Imager 1.0 under the GNU GPLv2 source license.  All recipients of the Remastersys and System Imager source code are granted all rights and privileges as any other GNU GPLv2 source code, including the rights to modify and redistribute that code.

We do hope Fragadelic does join us and releases the source code for the GUI wrapper although we are not expecting him too.  Nonetheless a new GUI is being developed with System Imager

You can download the source code here


  1. Thank you and please take care of Remastersys CLI(whatever name you give) version too for future, it is best soft for Ubuntu.

  2. Have you considered doing an indiegogo or kickstarter project to jumpstart funding for this project? I only recently found out that remastersys ever existed and only managed to find this fork through the references to it on the remastersys wiki entry. Had I not happened to have been listening to an episode of the mintcast I never would have found out about this project. I suspect many people who would love the idea haven't either and a crowdfunding platform might be the place to go to get some attention. Since the mintcast just did an episode which mentioned you guys you might even try contacting them to get further publicity, which hopefully would lead to donations.

  3. Can you guys help me with a problem that I am encountering with the latest version of Remastersys, This is what I see when I start the installation:

  4. This whole deal has become so confusing. I'm still able to use my old downloads of remastersys alldeb and the gui but there's no new version in deb form for SystemImage. I've never been able to successfully install anything from a tar file so I guess I'll just have to do without remastering if my old deb installers fail.

  5. Don't bash a man for trying to make a hard needed penny.. :) Remember the 80s, with Xk's for >k amount of bits. "Man's gotta eat"... :)

  6. Hey, is there any way I can contribute to this project? I relied on Remastersys for quite a long time, and I would not want to see it go down the drain.

    There does not seem to be much of any activity on this site since this blog post. Is the real action going on somewhere else?

  7. Yes there is "real" stuff going on and development as well. If you wish to contribute drop me a line at