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Friday, July 19, 2013

System Imager 1.0 released for OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.3 and status

Ok, so I finished System Imager 1.0 and I released it with OS/4 Enterprise Linux 4.1.3.   Its a great piece of work and we have made it so you dont have to worry about what kernel you are running, as long as you have the squashfs modules built it will boot your image.   We have tested it on Ubuntu 13.04 and we have had preliminary success.  We are comfortable now after our Enterprise customers have tested it to say its ready for public consumption.

I have had some people ask me,  "How come you released it in OS/4 Enterprise, but you havent released it for Ubuntu or Red Hat."  First, we did it for Enterprise because we integrated it with our release of Webmin, so users can create images of their servers and install across multiple servers and we integrated it into our proprietary Disk utility.  Second, NO ONE contributed code, ideas or cash.  We got a lot of feature requests and those will be worked on when time permits.  We are releasing the Disk Utility integrated with OS/4 OpenLinux 13.6 and we will work on the others when time permits.  When we get done with our SPARC port of OS/4 Enterprise Linux we will work on System Imager for Ubuntu and Red Hat.  But, when I have to fund development myself, and work on it myself then sorry guys, it goes into my own product first.  We are committed to doing a build for Ubuntu and Debian and Red Hat, which wont be integrated into those three it will be more like the approach  Remastersys took.


  1. I am glad to hear that you use Remastersys old ways to release it as open and make pure cli version too like RS was.

  2. Can you add support for uefi. I have heard that there is a way but it would be better if you could enable it from the config GUI.