Black Lab Imager Creator

The price is $50.00 USD with e-mail support and 1 year of free updates.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Black Lab Image Creator Project public offering pulled offline

Black Lab Image Creator 1.4 will not be making a public release. As of today, we are rolling Black Lab Image Creator into our Enterprise Linux offerings.   Why are we doing this?  Lack of public contributions.  This project has garnered 0 external developers, even with the source code available.  That was very important to us and why we released the source code.  It garnered 0 in public donations and at this point even the Kickstarter has been a failure with no backers and no activity.  So without funding and without public contribution, the best thing for us is to pull this tool internally and it will continue to be enhanced for Ubuntu-GNOME and Xubuntu which comprise the base of our own Linux distribution.

Anyone who wants the source code along with the binary distribution can donate to help support the project for $50.00 USD using the Donate button and we will send you a copy of the binary installer and source code.  Once your payment clears I will send it to you.  We will continue to make announcements regarding our progress on this site.


  1. This is unfortunate - maybe the word wasn't put out there enough? I just learned of Remastersys development being taken up by you last week, and then find this today. Had I known of this sooner, I would have definitely donated and assisted with development (especially GUI development, which I see was needed). Anyway, I will continue to work on my side-projects and will pay the 50.00 when I have the time to focus on it as that seems the only option now. Cheers.

  2. "System Imager is a tool that images your running system and allows you to make a[N] image of your running machine".

    You use an "an" if the following words starts with a vowel A E I O U ..

  3. How about creating a forum for people to go and discuss the project? Maybe you'll get more things happening if you make it more open to contribution. Seems like a poor choice to revert to this after virtually no information being available about the project. I merely stumbled back across this after attempting to find info about what happened to Remastersys. It's ultimately your choice as developers. We're all allowed to make poor choices.

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